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√ Why Facebook connect ?

You have to use facebook connect to create an account. Facebook connect allows us to prevent fake profils, so NO FAKE or profile without picture. Also, it allows you to enable the "anonymous" option to not be seen from your facebook contacts.

√ Will the app post on my Facebook page ?

OP3N never publishes anything on your Facebook wall. None of your Facebook friends will see that you use the app.

√ Informations are protected and confidential ?

NONE of your contact can be aware of your activity! Moreover, you can use any pseudo, either your name or any other. We do not use your information. We have a STRICT privacy policy, we commit to never share your details with any other member or with any third party. ALL YOUR INFORMATION IS ENCRYPTED !!

√ May I be hidden from my Facebook friends and contacts ?

Yes, in complete secrecy, thanks to the "anonymous" option, you can stay invisible from your friends. The access to your contact list enables you to activate the anonymous option! Doing so, NO POSSIBLE WAY that you come across any of your contact on the app.

√ Can I use a nickname ?

Sure, use the name you want, real or nickname. For example, my name is Pocahontas :)


√ Do I have to purchase credits to use the app ?

No, the credits are only if you want to know who liked you before meeting them. However, to meet someone with Op3n you are not forced to use credits. You can use OP3N for free.

√ How can I get credits ?

    Invite friends to join the app by using "op3n for you" or "invite friend" within the app. You have many different options to invite your friend by : messenger, sms, what's app, email, twitter, facebook... Earn 10 credits for every invitation accepted and ONLY if your friends download the app from the link you sent.
  3. FOLLOW US on our social media and try to get credits with give away

√ do I get credits automatically when I follow your social networks ?

Not automatically,but we regularly organize games on our page , if you win, get many credits.


√ Is it possible to swipe back ?

At this time, you cannot swipe back when you have already said no to someone. But don't worries there is many others people you will love :)


√ how can I desactivate my account ?

Of course you can, but you will not be an Open Minded Person anymore :( You will be a normal person without super power, is up to you. Go in the app : PREFERENCE > CONTACT US Come back later,many open minded people are waiting for you ! If you want to do so, just let us know why T_T --->