5 rules to succeed your Threesome

5 rules to succeed your Threesome


We oftenly hear we could have a better sex life, stronger orgasms or a better relationship. If you want to reach this wonderful life, you only need to accomplish your fantasies ! Here, we'll talk about the threesome.

Here are the rules to start properly :


1: Communicate about your sexual limits.

You frequently think about the threeway and you would love to try this new fantasy. It is important for you to assure yourself that this is really what you want. It is also important to communicate those limits to your partners? Be explicit about what you would love to do, etc... You should know about your partners fantasies to prepare yourself as well.


2: Look for your partners 

Your partners won't easily come to you... that's why you have to go get them ! It is oftenly a difficult task, but internet makes easier the research. There's actually the possibility for you to download the Op3n App which will permit you to meet exactly the right persons you need.


3: EVALUate your options


Your profile is now complete and you start chatting with people who could actually match with your fantasy. You should invite them and meet them. Never forget to clearly fix some rules to make them understand that you could eventually change your mind after meeting them, that you're really meticulous. Say that you only want to chat face to face and simply have a drink (and do not go drunk !).


4: Take Measures


If you already are with someone, it is important that the 3rd person both pleased you. If she doesn't, don't go further and be honest with each partners. Same if you like this person a lot, just say it to your partners, and have a lot of fun ! You are about to have one of the greatest fantasy of all time


5: CONSIDer the Jealousy


In a threesome, jealousy is unavoidable. It doesn't matter if you have it with a couple or if you are 3 complete strangers, everybody is at least a bit scary to be the third wheel.

Hopefully, there are rules to avoid this feeling: the most important thing when you are a couple is to focus on your lover anyway. You can establish rules if it makes you feel more reassured.

If you want to learn more about jealousy in a threesome, come and read us !