According to the « guide of fantasies published by AskMen, here is a list of fantasies that women would like to do. Some of these could be surprising.


  1. Having intercourse with a stranger. That’s a classic, strangers in the night, sleeping without consequences, and never having to talk to that stranger again. Just enjoy the present moment
  2. Sleeping with another woman… or several. Being in-between girls, 2 to 3 without any kind of « voyeurism » . You are not the only one with this fantasy.
  3. Imagining to be with her alter-ago. Or to play a different character than herself in a sexual intercourse. It gives her an escape, a way to travel in a world where she would be different.
  4. Domination : It’s a pretty common fantasy, women dream about being a sex-object… or not.
  5. Feeling like a virgin. If they have to choose a moment in their lives, women often say that they want to have the feeling of their « first-time » , but with some experience of course.
  6. With a young man. A rather handsome and fit one, but not necessarily with any experience. Some women actually enjoy being cougars just for pleasures.
  7. Sleep with an incredibly gifted man in bed. Orgasms on demand, which is also often the fantasy of women who are unsatisfied in bed… be careful gentlemen.
  8. Sleep in a luxury Hotel. That is the most stereotyped fantasy ever made. But that’s an effective one if you go total : Luxury suite, silk bedsheets… make the (black) card burn.
  9. Public sex : Very kinky, but also very exciting. Just the possibility to be caught red-handed definitely makes it one of the hottest fantasies
  10. Participate in an Orgy. Party where everybody sleep with everybody. Sex-on demand, with a wide variety of partners in front of everyone.
  11. Sleep with their best friend’s husband or their husband’s brother. This one basically relies on a total lack of rules or moral code. Faithfulness has literally no place here. Some fantasies are still better kept secret.

    What are you guys' fantasies ?