As an ex-closed-minded guy writing this, living with closed minded-people is hellish. They will break your creative side, you mood, and will bring you into their infernal spiral of disinterest and despise for anything that's out the box. These people are way more common than what you think, and some close connections could be in that case without you being able to notice anything. This list will give you an analysis grid that will eventually help you to find these people, either to help them understand how negative and narrow their view about the world is, or in the most extreme cases, get rid of them.


NB : All of these points were written as if the offender is a male, but i does apply to both sexes. Also all of these points are linked together, and you would actually need more than 1 ( 3 or 4) to start thinking that this person might be closed-minded. Point 1 or 2 are more significant though.



#10. He makes generalisation about everything.

For this person, being nuanced in his opinions seems to be useless. Everything seems to be based on the same pattern and everything is a part of a bigger thing. Globally this kind of act can lead to racism, sexism and a whole lot of other stupid ideas with an "ism" an the end.

Ex : women suck at sciences and can't drive, men are pigs and are violent... 



#9. Never travelled, doesn't care about the rest of the world.

"I'm good where i am, no need to move" this seems to be the first pressed nail in the self made coffin that he calls life. You'll tell me that it's actually rare to find people who hate travelling, except for those with plane phobias. You'll be right, and in this case look at his choice of destinations. Rather comfy vacations in tourist clubs or a back pack trips through Asia / Europe ? In the same case, this person doesn't care about what is happening in the rest of the world, other cultures. Do you think this person lacks other "perspectives" about life ?



#8. Judging instead of acting

Judging is something we all do (we would be crazy to not to), but being overjudgmental is being the opposite of an open-minded person. In a group it is the one who's here to remind everyone about the rules and the traditions, what has been done and shouldn't change. In an ever evolving world, those who spend their time judging are not the fittest.



#7. Doesn't know how to make new encounters. Or doesn't have friends that are "out of his norm"

Be a little bit careful about the ones that surround him. Between the start of your relationship with him and now, how many new people did he met ? With whom did he went out, had fun with ? With whom is he a real new friend ? A ton of people don't know don't know how to make real friends with new people. But if this person is an introvert it won't meant that much, like a lot of things on this list, it needs to be combined with something else, it's a sign. The other side of the mirror now, he might have a lot of friends, but they seem to be made out of the same mold that he is. He doesn't have friends with significantly different ideas from his, other sexual orientation, another religion or another race.



#6. Complains a lot and doesn't mind doing it !

Complaining about things doesn't do anything to improve a situation, but god does it makes him feel good. Feeling powerless about a situation is something everybody experiences, but if this person tried to do something about it instead of complaining he would actually feel less shitty about it. If this person keeps blaming society or others for what's going on, this person is definitely a pain in the a** and a close minded person.



#5. Isn't really open to learn new things.

"We always did things this way, and it was working, why do we need to change ? ". It is not a question of knowing if he is ready to change or anything (not everyone is ready). But more about knowing if he is curious of new things, able to go out (or enlarge) his comfort zone. Again being open-minded is just "not being closed-minded" it's about searching to learn every day.



#4. Not Flexible

He gives you a date, an order, an indication, a "how to". Be sure he will ask you to respect this things to the letter. And will be a pain to force you to do it like it was done. Do you see a bank or the tax administration ? You are facing the human version of these institutions.



#3. Has quite extreme ideas, doesn't trust society anymore

A close-minded person will generally be more conservative than liberal, he might be very religious (too) like the total reverse : an intolerant atheist. He holds a strong prejudice against society and seems to have a pretty rigid Grid analysis of life, he seems to see horrible things in every significant event happening : political, social or economical. And each of these events are only confirming his vision of the world. Don't try to contradict this person.



#2. Doesn't like those who don't agree with him.

We've been talking about relationships a little bit upper. But let's try to go further here. He seems to really have trouble with alterity and everybody that do not think like him. He either tries so brutally to make people change their minds and force his ideas, or in an even more extreme case : he cuts links with those who even slightly disagree with him. Which leads us to drawback #1 !



#1. He's a big mouth who thinks he's always right.

This is absolutely horrible. He's unable to take a step back about himself, he thinks he owns "The Knowledge", he's thins that he's the cleverest. He goes so far as giving you some kind of shame with his own arrogance when he is doing stuff in public. He makes you feel like you're stupid whenever you want to have a serious conversation. One advice for this case : GET THE F*** OUT OF THIS RELATIONSHIP. You won't change this person, only some kind of humiliation or a drastic lifestyle change would make him feel conscious of how horrible he is. Don't waste your time with this person, he will always think that he is "self-righteous" and will suck all your energy after arguing with him.


What do you think about our list, do you have any signs or patterns that you've discovered ?