Burn life before life burns you ! Sex is one of life's finest and simplest pleasure. Then let's just enjoy life like we should.

We give you these 10 sex experiences that you should try at least once before you become too old !

1. Make love on the beach (or in the sea)

2. Spend a whole day making love and do it OVER 10 times

We said the whole day (stimulants and other substances are allowed)

3. Kissing one person of the same sex.... or even more if you feel SO ; )

4. Make love under influence (LSD, MDMA...)


6. Make love in a public space

7. HAVE a one night stand

8. Introduce a little bit of SM, and other kinky games in your sexual life

9. Make love with two other people (or more !)

there is an app that could help you :)