Everybody has already met people with fantasies that are kind of out the norm. Of course, their fantasies may seem silly, risky, even completely nuts, but know this, no matter how much these people are crazy, other people have crazier fantasies. And that's the whole beauty of the thing.

Here is a small list of the top 10 fantasies that seemed the most incongruous to us.



One of the first times that we heard of this paraphilia in the media, was after an anecdote involving a britannian drunk guy with a car pipe. The event was blaming this influence of alcohol at first, but then everyone actually discovered later that a lot of other cases of people making love to mechanical devices were reported all around the world (with back seats, hand brakes...). So yes, it's apparently a real fantasy. Is there a link to make with the fans of car customization ? Do some car shows prevent other erotic shows to actually happen ? It's a question that we can't answer easily. 




This one has nothing to do with the ability of some guys to make stupid statements on whole groups of people in public speeches, agalmatophilia is rather the fetish of statues . And no the porn is not to blame here as there are several reported cases throughout history, for example : in ancient greece (which were Op3n people in their own kind) : Pygmalion a sculptor, fell in love with his statue named Galatea. The story isn't a happy one, but Pygmalion ends-up getting married with the statue. Other cases have been reported with abused mannequins and even the statue of Milo getting some love. No know children were bred.


Carlo Donati is without a doubt the man with the most romantic fantasy in the world. The Italian man is today the only listed case of the "YES" fantasy. Not the one you say during harsh and passionate intercourses, but the one which makes the union of two people sacred for life. Mr. Donati would orgasm when the holy "Yes" was said during the wedding, so he married 11 times in 11 different churches. With his one and only wife.... aawww




A scene of the good old "Total Recall" with Schwarzy (not the crappy one with C. Farrell), had intrigued many of the young gals at the time. In this peculiar moment of the movie, a woman with 3 boobs is talking to the hero, those 3 boobs suddenly became a source of fantasies for an entire generation and has become a strange trend exploited by some niche porn movies. Why 3 and not 4, because apparently 4 looks more like a cow, and experts rank this paraphilia in everything that has to do with exophilia or "furrism".



At Capestang, near the "canal du midi" a river in the south of France, a young man was pushing women into the river and was swimming to rescue them while escaping right afterwards. The man, since arrested by the Police, has never made any casualties. He later confessed to not be able to control himself each time that a woman was running along the river. Other cases have been reported in Japan, China, and Spain.




Okay, we're going to spare you with the flood of weird stuff coming from Japan, we could basically write entire books on this subject. Nevertheless, one of the most iconic fantasies that some Japanese (men) have, is their relationship with high school girls' panties. This even went to the point that a very lucrative business has been built on this fantasy. Some high school girls routinely sell their panties for sex shops, and a vending machine specially dedicated to these dirty panties has been created 2 years ago. You know, just in case you're in a very serious lack of dirty panties...



This one comes from gay guys. It is basically the homo version of high heels fetish. Briefly, 4 years ago young, some men mainly coming from french surburbs with all their macho and high-testosteroned imagery, started to gather around a whole new form of fantasy that is related to sports and branded sneakers. The practice is simple, these young gals do sports, sweat in their shoes and then have fun making a whole bunch of things after the soring effort (to force them to smell, to enjoy in the shoes etc...)




The Internet is a wonderful place where one day I learned that men had the interest to get badly kicked in the genitals. This is one overally a sub-genre of SM Femdom (female domination), and it is spreading more and more on specialized websites. A quick example : 




A good meal can be just as enjoyable as getting laid like a boss, and the vorarephiles like both pleasure so much that they made the connection between the two instantly : these people dream about eating their partners or being eaten by them while doing it. This fantasy is very extreme, and just plain illegal. But still, we do think that there's a little something romantic in between all the gory imagery that might go with it : this fantasy is also about desiring a partner so hard that you want to taste it or eat it as a whole. A lot of extremely grotesque websites dedicated to this fantasy have been created in the early 00's (and we're not going to post it here, search it yourself).




Frankly you've heard of this because the guy who played in Kill Bill and Kung Fu (David Caradine) unexpectedly killed himself while trying to perform it. It may be argued that this is more of a sexual practice than a fantasy so to speak, but a lot of people really do have the fantasy to get strangled. Men and women fantasize about this violent practice because it increases pleasure when the oxygen is lacking in the brain. It is a very dangerous practice, and people did die while trying to perform it, so do not attempt it without being seriously warned and prepared.



And you, what are the craziest fantasies that you had, or have heard about ? We will maybe do a number 2 with your comments !